MOONDOG is a collective composed of five departments:

Creative, Films, Edit, VFX and Music.

MOONDOG started over 15 years ago as a small editorial boutique based in Manhattan. Today, we’re an all-encompassing creative force, specializing in production, editorial, visual effects, music branding and licensing.


Each branch consists of professionals in their field: producers, directors, editors, designers, visual effects artists and music branding specialists.


Simply put - we are artists, storytellers and strategists who produce top of the line content for agencies, direct-to-client brands and filmmakers. As a team we possess the capabilities to cover every angle and execute projects from start to finish with a singular, unified vision.


As a family, MOONDOG brings out the best in each other everyday. The work we produce is a direct result of the synergetic relationships amongst our staff and departments. And most importantly, the transparency and collaborative process that we have employed with our clients for over 15 years has kept us at the top of our game.


Moondog Creative is a diverse collective of creative directors, art directors and writers. As a division of MOONDOG, we have the unique ability to work alongside editors, designers, a production team and producers at every stage of the process. This ensures that every project and our clients are receiving the highest quality content and the most cost efficient solutions possible.

Our business model and approach to creativity is the direct result of the ever-changing needs of our wild industry and we’re proud of it! We’re more than just seasoned storytellers - more than obsessive brainstormers and problem solving producers – we are your collaborative colleagues – eager to tackle any project, at any stage of its development.


25th Street Publishing 'Sizzle'

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Moondog Entertainment works with you at the outset of your project. We can co-ordinate all the departments of Moondog to bring together any combination of talents to assist you in crafting your ideal content. Our abilities include the production of Feature Films, Web content, TV shows, and Live events. We have experienced directors and production teams for any project no matter how small or large. Through our in-house, worldwide publishing company we can deliver hand-crafted music for any product or production.


Moondog Creative (ASCAP) 25th /Street Music (BMI) is a collective comprised of the elite in the music business. With a pedigree of accolades - Emmy’s, Golden Globe nominations, Film Music and Lifetime Achievement awards, our composers have produced and written everything from hit singles to 100’s of epic movie scores. We also tap into our diverse, global network that masterfully delivers genre-specific authenticity for any project.


Boticário 'Mistério Repertório'

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Moondog Films is a full-service production company. We represent a roster of award-winning directorial talent in the beauty, lifestyle, documentary, humor and design-centric space. At our core, we are visual storytellers helping brands to deliver their message. We become stakeholders in the creative process, not just executors of a production need. We also understand that your message needs to be executed just as creatively as it does cost effectively. That’s why we handle everything from concept development through the filming process.



Victoria's Secret 'Lady Gaga Million Reasons'

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Over 15 years ago we were a boutique editorial shop - now we’re a department within the greater MOONDOG whole – we pride ourselves on the incredible growth we’ve achieved over the years because let’s be honest - we’re actually the root that started it all.

Creativity knows no boundaries and neither do our editors - our work reaches from one end of the spectrum to the other - from a wide range of commercial advertising for broadcast & digital to heart-felt & historical documentaries, conceptual art pieces, long-form narrative and lifestyle. Agencies, individuals and direct-to-client – we work with everyone. Our office may feel like your cool uncle’s vacation getaway but we assure you that our creative spirit and prowess are state-of-the-art. Our door is always open - we look forward to meeting you.


'Visual Effects'

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Our team of visual effects supervisors, designers, animators and all-around savvy storytellers are ready to take your project to the next level. Our broad range of talent and skill sets has enabled us to work with a clientele around the world. Our finishing work ranges from commercial broadcast to feature films and our reputation continues to be built on trusted, long-term relationships. On a personal note, we’re also up to speed on veganism, the donut craze and good ‘ol fashion, down ‘n dirty southern BBQ. So give us a ring and we’ll be happy to oblige.



VFX Supervision ∞ 2D Design ∞ 3D Modeling ∞ Animation ∞ Compositing ∞ Motion ∞ Retouch ∞ Online Conforms & Finishing


Victoria's Secret 'Sexy Little Things'
'C&C' by Leikeli47

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Moondog Music is a music supervision, strategy and licensing company. As music experts, we serve to conceive and enhance creative content as well as negotiate the most cost effective deals to bring your ideas to life. Moondog’s team has extensive music knowledge, ranging from underground culture to mainstream influencers to the most iconic musicians. From creative development to effective execution, Moondog Music helps you create your musical identity and deliver a powerful and memorable message.